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Ope Omotayo

I'm installing snyk with Jenkins Jcasc, I used the below:

- name: "snyk-latest"
home: ""
- installSource:
- snykInstaller:
id: "latest"

It stopped jenkins from running, does anyone know snyk install name? I think "snykInstaller" is wrong.

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Sharone Zitzman Author

Hey Ope - I only just saw this - because this likely isn't the place to post this :-) it's a welcome thread. Feel free to open a standalone thread - and we can followup or you are always welcome to open a support ticket.

We will not respond here - as the purpose of this thread is for introductions - so please do ping me directly once you open a relevant thread.

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Liran Tal

Hey Ope, apologies to hear that happened.
I suggest our support docs and the some tutorials about using Jenkins and Snyk together that could be helpful:

  1. and
  2. A tutorial by friendlies over at and here