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Page it to the Limit

# Page it to the Limit with Liran Tal

Liran Tal joins PagerDuty's Page it to the Limit podcast to discuss the security challenges and misconceptions people have about using third party dependencies.

Arrested DevOps

# Arrested DevOps with Alyssa Miller

Alyssa Miller (Snyk) discusses the findings of the Synk State of Open Source Security report with Matt and Jessica

Conversations with Bacon

# Conversations with Bacon with Alyssa Miller

Alyssa Miller From Snyk on the State of Open Source Security

Open Source Risks

# Open Source Risks Podcast with Brian Vermeer

Our guest this episode spends most of his time educating developers on application security and how it applies to the broader open source world. Open source software has enabled a massive amount of innovation but it's not without it's own challenges. This discussion dives into those challenges and includes a few demos to reinforce the points discussed.

Cyber Security & Cloud Podcast

# Cyber Security & Cloud Podcast - Alyssa Miller - From DEV to Security and DEVOPS

In this episode, we have the pleasure to talk with Alyssa Miller, a developer advocate at Snyk. Alyssa has been advocating for security in the development of environment and talking at many conferences like Appsec Cali, RSA and more.

Application Security Podcast with Alyssa Miller

# Application Security Podcast: Alyssa Miller — Experiences with DevOps + Automation and beyond

In this episode, Alyssa joins us to share her take on DevOps, automation, and beyond. She also shares a great story about how she got domain admin in 3 minutes.

World Tour Podcast with Alyssa Miller

# World Tour Podcast Series 1 Episode 6: Alyssa Miller

In this episode, Alyssa talks to us her inspiring career, imposter syndrome and how it is to be a human being in cybersecurity.

Open Source Security Podcast

# Open Source Security Podcast -The State of Open Source Security with Alyssa Miller from Snyk

Josh and Kurt talk to Alyssa Miller from Snyk about the State of Open Source Security 2020 report. Alyssa was the report author and has some great insight into the current trends we're seeing in open source security. Some of the challenges developers face. We discuss the difficulty static and composition analysis scanners face. It's a great conversation!

The Uncommon Journey Podcast

# The Uncommon Journey Podcast | With Alyssa Miller, Chloé Messdaghi, And Phillip Wylie

Hosts Alyssa Miller, Chloé Messdaghi, and Phillip Wylie each took very non-traditional paths in their careers leading up to their entry into the InfoSec industry. On this podcast, they will focus on the many unique journeys that people take to get into cybersecurity. They will highlight not only the stories but promote a clearer picture of how the diversity of backgrounds in security can help improve the overall effectiveness of our industry.

Javascript Jabber Podcast

# Javascript Jabber 456 | Developer-First Security and Security Tooling For Developers with Liran Tal & Brian Vermeer

Liran Tal and Brian Vermeer from Snyk join the panel to discuss development of secure software in general, and secure JavaScript and web dev in particular. They explain what developer-first security actually means, and the types of security vulnerabilities to watch out for when using modern tools to develop websites and web apps. They also present several Open Source tools that developers can use to improve their code right from within their favorite development environments and IDEs.


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