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[Announcement] Introducing Snyk Code

Snyk is excited to announce a a new product, Snyk Code. Generally available in Q1, Snyk Code will bring SAST (static application security testing) of proprietary application code and components to the Snyk platform. In combination with our current products scanning and remediation of open source libraries, containers, and infrastructure as code such as Kubernetes and Terraform, Snyk's platform will help developers secure all the components of cloud native applications.

In order to provide SAST in the same dev-first approach Snyk brings to all our security products, Snyk Snyk Code, based on advanced AI capabilities, now enables vulnerability scanning much more rapidly, and with a higher degree of accuracy - alongside seamless integration with existing developer tools, such as IDEs, git and more.

Check out the details here, and feel free to ask any questions.

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