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[Announcement] Snyk Advisor now in BETA - Check it out!

Snyk is excited to share that our new tool, Snyk Advisor, is now in beta ⚡, and you can check it out.

What is Snyk Advisor you ask?

Great question! In our mission to secure the open source ecosystem, we discovered while working closely with developers, that there is no easy way to qualify open source projects and tools to use in your stack without a lot of manual research.

💡 Lo and behold we created the Snyk Advisor to solve just this issue.

Snyk Advisor enables you to easily assess package health via important metrics to know the status of how well-maintained, adopted and secure a project is.

Snyk Advisor is currently in beta and you are welcome to give it a whirl 🪐 and provide us with feedback, suggestions, fixes and any other insights in the thread below, that can help make it awesome.

Discussion (3)

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Liran Tal Author • Edited

So happy to this one live!

Looks like I need to figure out how to get my project a higher score than this one :-)

shar1z profile image
Sharone Zitzman

This one definitely earned a fancy 🦄 SUPER LIKE!

plaird profile image
Peter Laird

Why is this project (written in Go, for the Bazel build tool) associated with NPM in Advisor?