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[Announcement] snyk-azure-pipelines-task now open source!

Sharone Zitzman
I'm a marketing technologist and open source community builder, who loves 💜 to work with teams building products that developers love. You can also talk to me about DevOps and Cloud Native Israel.
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We are pleased to announce that our Snyk task for Azure Pipelines is now open source: !

We hope this improves your experience in a few ways:

  • you can now raise a GitHub Issue or even a Pull Request if you find an issue or want to suggest an improvement
  • the code owners on the Snyk engineering team can now communicate with you directly via GitHub
  • you can leverage the documentation right in the repo which should be the most up to-date source of configuration information about the task
  • as a user, you can now see the code directly and be more empowered to troubleshoot issues on your own and have greater transparency

Of course, you are always welcome to open an Issue or support ticket if you need help!

Snyk 💜 Open Source

Check it out and let us know what you think!

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