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[Announcements] New QuickStarts available for Serverless CI/CD AWS deployments.

Simon Maple
Simon Maple is the VP, Developer Relations and Community at Snyk, a Java Champion since 2014, JavaOne Rockstar speaker in 2014 and 2017, Duke’s Choice award winner, Virtual JUG founder and organiser,
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We’re excited to announce the new Serverless CI/CD Deployment AWS Quick Start we wrote with Trek10inc. The free resource peels back the layers involved in discovering critical vulnerabilities in open source dependencies in your serverless applications.

Quick Starts are built by Amazon Web Services (AWS) solutions architects and partners to help you deploy popular technologies on AWS, based on AWS best practices for security and high availability. These accelerators reduce hundreds of manual procedures into just a few steps, so you can build your production environment quickly and start using it immediately.

Each Quick Start includes AWS CloudFormation templates that automate the deployment and a guide that discusses the architecture and provides step-by-step deployment instructions.

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