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[Discuss] 10 Serverless security best practices

Liran Tal
🥑 Developer Advocate @snyksec | @NodeJS Security WG | @jsheroes ambassador | Author of Essential Node.js Security | Let's talk! 😉 ❤️
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This installment of our cheat sheet series, covers best practices for securing your serverless deployments. While like other posts that may be technology-specific, many of the examples and use cases refer to AWS Lambdas but can be applied to other Cloud and Serverless vendors, refer to the CNCF Landscape for a reference list.

And as always feel free to let us know what you learned and if you have any questions.

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Liran Tal Author

So, who's doing serverless here with Node.js?

Would love to hear your "war stories" 🙃

Security or otherwise. I know testing with Serverless is a big 😭