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SnykCon: Day 1 Highlights 🌠

What an AMAZING first day of SnykCon! Excellent speakers, exciting news unveiled, and much to look forward to on the product roadmap.

ICYMI: here is just a snapshot of some of the things we have in store, and definitely join us tomorrow or you know you'll probably be feeling some real FOMO 😱.

  • Biggest WOW 💫 of the day: Snyk Code is coming! Check out all the SnykCon announcements and there were quite a few ecosystem and product announcements to stay tuned for.
  • Some really stellar talks & panels from Beyond the DevOps Handbook, DJ Schleen on Blowing Up your Security, Kelly Shortridge on Security Culture, and some really great user stories - you can still join the event here.
  • Our team gave kickass product and security sessions, some you might want to check out if you couldn't join - Alyssa Miller on Threat Modeleling, Daniel Berman on Snyk Open Source and Snyk CSO and Co-Founder Danny Grander talking about the research and discovery of the malicious SDK Mintegral AKA SourMint.
  • And of course the 🏆 Snyk Awards 🏆 given to some our ALL STAR power users from companies like SkyScanner, Australia Post, Rally Health (check out DJ Schleen's keynote talk), Reddit, Auth0 and more.

And to wrap up an already stellar of the wildest sessions I've ever personally seen - a programming DJ Sam Aaron demoing Sonic Pi and then raisin' the roof with a virtual rave - you had to see it to believe it.

Sam Aaron Live Musical Programming

Tomorrow there's plenty more goodness - there's a super fun photo booth check out Simon giving it a whirl live

Say cheese Simon!

Virtual Swag, Happy Hours, Hallway Track, Speed Dating and much more.

It really is a DevSecOps Celebration 🎊 - don't miss out!

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