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SnykCon Day 2 Wrap Up 🎊 ✨

I may be biased but what a STELLAR first-ever SnykCon event!

Two days jam packed with some of the best security content I've seen in quite some time. If you want a play by play recap check tweets from myself (Day 1 Thread, Day 2 Thread) and Liran Tal (Day 1 Thread, Day 2 Thread).

ICYMI and you're having some pretty bad FOMO 🙉 - fear not! The videos 🎬 will be coming pretty quick.

Follow the #snykcon tag to see them all (product content that required attendance will be available upon request). You can also see all of the exciting announcements and product enhancements coming including Snyk Code.

My favorite slide of the day goes to John Allspaw - incidents do not come with labels - 'oh this is just your garden variety incident - DON'T PANIC.'

This is an actual outage!

Two powerhouse women Anne Currie and Wendy Nather with thoght-provoking talks. Anne on green tech and why this should matter to us. Wendy on democratizing security - we need to move from a control-based model to a collaborative one.

And hot on the heels of Anne's excellent talk, what an exciting moment to discover that Snyk has been certified as CarbonNeutral! 🌱

We hope:

You enjoyed the event. 🥳

Had some fun - including the incredibly funny Andrew Tarvin humor engineer - who cracked us up ('if you get mono twice, is it stereo?!')

It's pronounced JIF!

That you enjoyed the photo booth as much as we did.

SAY CHEESE Team [Snyk](/snyk)!🧀

Feel free to share your favorite moments: pics with your pooches, pics of your #SnykCon swag, and your photo booth pics in the comments below.

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