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[SnykLIVE - 30-NOV-2020] Docker & Snyk End-to-End Demo

What an exciting year for Snyk and Docker - with announcements from May all the way through SnykCon, about native integrations with both products, and now we want to show you all of that goodness in action.

Join Eric Smalling from Snyk and Peter McKee from Docker for an end-to-end walkthrough and demo of all of the recent product integration announcements.

WHEN: November 30th, 5PM GMT
WHERE: Right here!

In this session, you'll learn how Docker and Snyk work together to ensure security from first pull of your Docker images all the way through deployment.

You won't want to miss it.

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Discussion (3)

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Sharone Zitzman

Are you as excited about this as we are?!
Be sure to drop your questions here even before the event - and Eric and Peter will try and demo them in real time.

We're also happy to swagify anyone who leaves an extra fun comment or don't be shy.

Join us - it'll be epic!

lirantal profile image
Liran Tal

Great talk ahead!

shar1z profile image
Sharone Zitzman

Reminding you to feel free to ask questions or even request swag :-) Eric and Peter will be happy to answer live.