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[Announcement]Unlimited Endpoint Backup at Rs. 150 Per Month

Sundeep Grandhi
・1 min read

Data is valuable and vulnerable more than ever today. Protecting Endpoints is not enough. Safeguard your workforce endpoint data with InKnowTech powered by Yotta Safe, so when disaster strikes, you are up and running without any impact. InKnowTech Endpoint Security Services comes with Unlimited Backup storage at just Rs.150 per month per device. Unlike other backup solutions that restrict you on storage capacity.

Powerful Features for Securing your Employee Data:

  1. Ransomeware Aware
  2. Geolocation & Remote Wipe
  3. Auto-Schedule
  4. Auto Discovery
  5. Data Restoration

Self Service Dashboard for 100% Control:
• Intuitive single-view dashboard to manage, administrate and control backups
• Deploy multiple endpoints from a single console
• Access to download analytics, monitoring, and reporting data

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