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[Tips] for Hardening Network Infrastructure

Sundeep Grandhi
・1 min read

Hardening network devices reduces the risk of unauthorized access into a network's infrastructure. It's a process intended to eliminate a means of attack by patching vulnerabilities and turning off nonessential services.

  • By maintaining the most current patches that impact security
  • Create an environment where network security is regularly monitored and the posture is analyzed
  • Analyze any variances to the network security posture, and implement remedies to mitigate potential security vulnerabilities
  • Create and/or update policies that govern hardening activities
  • Create and/or update procedures that govern hardening activities
  • Validate hardening status during disaster recovery plan testing
  • Schedule and conduct periodic vulnerability scans and pen tests
  • Ensure that network perimeter tools have the most current rules for examining data traffic
  • Include infrastructure hardening in the change management process
  • Routine run book administration, handling service requests and vendor coordination for AMC and support services
  • Comprehensive reporting on availability, performance, incident management and other SLAs
  • Automatically scan, discover and manage all software assets
  • Gain software assets visibility and accurate information on one-single dashboard
  • Make intelligent change management decisions with CMDB
  • Manage and control assets throughout its lifecycle
  • Enable Proactive Contract and License Management
  • Run periodic complete Wall-to-Wall inventory with our SAM Support

IT Security Audit Services = Employee Productivity + Maximize Network Uptime + Potential Risks

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