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Ep. #75, DevSecOps Data with Alanna Brown, Gareth Rushgrove, and Alyssa Miller

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On The Secure Developer, we often hear a lot of opinions and experiences from people who are working in development, so today we’re turning to the data, to figure out what works and what doesn’t in the world of DevOps and SecDevOps. Joining us for a panel discussion on the topic is Alanna Brown, Senior Marketing Director at Puppet and mastermind behind the State of DevOps Report, Gareth Rushgrove, Product Director at Snyk and curator of Devops Weekly, and Alyssa Miller, Application Security Advocate, also at Synk. In this show, we get a lay of the land and take a look at the state of where things stand. In this section of the discussion, we hear about vulnerabilities and the mixed bag of data that our panelists have seen around remediation. While there are some positive developments in the space, there are also some areas, like on the container side, where there is great room for improvement. The conversation then moves to security practices and which security controls are effectively deployed and which are not. We gain great insights into the role that integration plays in the efficacy of controls. While it’s not all sunshine and roses, there are encouraging shifts happening around security thinking. From there, we move onto talking about infrastructure as code security and shared responsibility. Again, the panelists present their varied data findings, which paints an interesting picture. Finally, we wrap the show up with consolidating the discussion, where the panelists highlight what they think is key going forward. To hear more from this fascinating, data-rich discussion, tune in today!

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