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Ep. #76, New Playbooks for Security with Lucas Moody, Rubrik

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Today’s guest is Lucas Moody, Head of Security Innovation and Operations at Rubrik, here to talk about what being forward-thinking about security in 2020 looks like. We open with Lucas sketching out his impressive career in Silicon Valley and how his role as the first CISO at Palo Alto Networks is informing his current work at Rubrik. Here we explore what it means to work on security as far as operations and product innovation too, and Lucas compares his experience doing this at Palo Alto, a security company first, versus at Rubrik which is more focused on data management, resiliency and recovery, and backup. From there, we move onto the topic of how the shift to cloud and SaaS has changed tech companies and is leading to exciting evolutions in the roles of CIOs, CSOs, and CISOs. Shifting to the idea of security DNA, we discuss how firms should think about security as part of their day to day operations with Lucas next. Before closing, we talk about how the pandemic affected the security strategy at Rubrik, and Lucas details some of the major shifts they made away from infrastructure-related projects to things like identity and access so that security work could still effectively be done remotely. Finally, Lucas shares a few top tips for how firms can level up their security foo as far as throwing old playbooks out and having an independent red team. Be sure to tune in!

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