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Ep. #80, Four Years On: Reflections from Our First-Ever Guest with Kyle Randolph

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In episode 80 of The Secure Developer, Guy Podjarny is joined by Kyle Randolph, VP of Security, Privacy, Compliance, and Assurance at Episerver (who recently acquired Optimizely, where he was CISO). Kyle was our first ever guest on the show back in episode 1, four years ago, so we thought it a good idea to invite him back on to see how things have changed over these past four years. In this conversation, we reflect on some of the insights Kyle shared on the debut show and how these perspectives have since evolved as well as subjects such as Tool Adoption, Control Streamlining and the Paved Road approach. The show wraps up with a look at the idea of celebration and security championing, where Kyle shares why we can never celebrate security wins enough.

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