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Ep. #82, Two Angles of Application and Product Security with Mike Shema

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Today’s guest, Mike Shema, is no stranger to podcasts. As the host of the Application Security Weekly show, he has firsthand insights into the trends and movements in the industry. When he is not on air, Mike works with developers at Square to protect applications, their data, and their users. With a broad range of AppSec experience, from manual security testing to building a commercial web scanner and helping teams build secure products, he has seen it all. In this episode, we hear about Mike’s moderator role at Square and how it ties into the organization’s engineering-biased security approach. We learn about their partnership strategy, how they split up cloud and governance security, and the benefits of specialist teams. Mike candidly shares how his empathy for developers has grown over the years, and as such, he is cognizant of not playing the gatekeeper role. The conversation goes to tooling, where Mike sheds light on his ‘why bother?’ addition to the age-old question of whether to build or buy. Moving away from his work at Square, we then take a look at some of the industry developments he has picked up on as a podcast host himself. He talks about how developers have leapfrogged security teams over the past few years and why this is a good thing for the industry. Be sure to tune in to hear this and much more.

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