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Can't figure out 'ignore' feature

TQ White II
I've been a professional programmer since 1978. I wrote my first program (in APL!) in 1967. These days I focus on data manipulation using NodeJS, sometimes with a browser UI.
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I'm in free trial mode. I am becoming a very big fan of snyk. Working on an old code base, it's sort of a coding game. Next vulnerability? I wonder what that's about? And the exploration continues.

However, snyk gets it wrong sometimes, as I would expect. The docs tell me I should see an 'ignore' button next to the 'details' button. I need that. Both so I do not have to get confused scrolling through ones I don't need and because I need a place to store my explanation of my reasoning.

I sort of guess that 'ignore' must be a feature I have to pay for. Not admirable but, fair enough. I'm willing to pay but do not want to until I get confirmation that I will get to ignore issues.

Please advise.

And thanks. Snyk is a good thing.

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